Strict laws on camera surveilance apply to Denmark

We have been set back a few weeks on Nordbyskolen, Denmark as we have run into strict laws regarding camera surveillance which phototrap cameras are categorized as in Denmark.

We have a forest nearby and it is a public forest where our school is having a small plot of land which we can use as we please as long as it has to do with teaching. But we must follow national laws and everybody has access to this plot of land making it public and you can not place surveillance cameras in public places according to law. If you do you have to put up signs telling that you are filming which often result in stolen cameras.

We are in contact with the local Nature Agency under the Danish Ministry of the Enviroment and they are being quite helpful in what to do. Maybe we will have our camera up and running the week to come.

Meanwhile I have been testing the camera trap in a private forest close to where I live myself, this is legal if you get permission from the owner, but only caught a bad photo of a squirrel.

Kim Bruun

Teacher and school librarian